ROI Matters, Reporting Matters

Track where your money is going with one integrated dashboard.

  • Google AdWords / Display / YouTube
  • SEO Channels
  • Programmatic Display (Geofencing, Site Retargeting)
  • Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn
  • Google Analytics
  • Bing Ads
  • Phone Calls (Call Rail)
  • Google My Business

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Track All Your Phone Calls with ROI Precision

Most companies and organizations still rely on Phone Calls as a determining factor for their business.  However, they do not track how effective a campaign is on generating those phone calls.

Our call tracking combined with our analytics dashboard allows for granular level reporting, including:

  • Campaign Source (AdWords, Programmatic, Social, SEO, Referrer)
  • Keyword Phone Call Tracking
  • Phone Call Recording / Length of Calls
  • Ad That Generated The Most Calls
  • Which Viewed Ads Converted into Phone Calls

Call Rail

Let our Analytics Experts Track All Your Conversions and Pre-Conversions

Some companies may track phone calls or leads, but by doing that the bigger picture is missed. All the actions that lead up to real leads, sales, and even foot traffic to your company may be falling through the cracks.  Our Analytics Experts can track everything that is critical to you understanding if your advertising campaign is effective in generating useful actions and leads.

Whether it was a user who simply viewed your ads, or clicked on them; we can measure an attribution back to the following actions on your website and your store:

  • Phone Calls
  • Critical Page Visits
  • Form/Application Submissions
  • Searches On Your Website
  • Chat Box Engagements
  • Email Click Sends/ Submissions
  • Video Plays
  • Button Clicks
  • Foot Traffic To Your Storefront
  • And Much More…

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Track Your Online Visitors Offline

Thanks to our Geofencing Technology, we can now track people that were served Ads, then walked into your store.

How Conversion Zones Work

  • A virtual geofence is traced around an area where the client wants to target customers visiting another physical location (i.e. a competitor’s store, a venue, etc.)
  • Next, a virtual Conversion Zone is traced around one or more of the clients’ location(s)
  • When a customer enters a geofenced location, they will then be targeted with the client’s ads on their mobile device
  • If that same user goes within the Conversion Zone, they are added to the pool of tracked users who saw an ad and walked into the Conversion Zone

Analytics Development & Reporting

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KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Discovery

Digonary dives deep into your business and campaign goals and creates the pre-conversions/conversions we want to track from your website and via our analytics dashboard.

Product Tags

Site Tag Management

To track everything appropriately, we will need to place HTML coding on your website for platforms like Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking Pixels.

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Analytics Dashboard

Before launching your campaign, we build a dashboard customized for your advertising channels.

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Reporting Delivery

We will deliver standard PDF reports or provide a custom login access for you, allowing you to view your data across all your campaigns.

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We will tie all of the conversions we’re tracking back to your organic and advertising channels so you can measure your true ROI.

Granular Analytics Reporting

This is an exciting area.  Analytics can determine what’s effective and what’s not, so we can turn ineffective campaigns into positive ROI campaigns for our clients.  You will receive regular reports highlighting the most important functions of your campaigns and we will report on everything via one dashboard.