OTT Advertising Placement, a division of Digonary, is a digital strategic company dedicated to the production and placement of OTT advertising.

What Is OTT Advertising?

For some time, many midsize or small advertisers didn’t have the budget to advertise on Cable TV. They were unable to compete with National Brands to advertise on NCIS or even The Simpsons. Now, it’s possible for those, with and without TV budgets, to advertise through Connected TV & Over The Top Devices.

With a now-estimated 63 million consumers cutting the cord with cable, they can only be reached through Connected TV and digital channels. Connected TV (CTV) & OTT Advertising provides these smaller advertisers with a programmatic advertising platform for engaging digital TV streamers with the level of precision you expect from all your campaigns: in-market audiences, demographics, offline behaviors, and of course, geographic targeting.

We have over a thousand variables to choose from when designing your OTT campaign. When you select from the variables to design your ideal customer, we can target them more precisely and inexpensively than any campaigns on linear TV. We can ensure our advertisers are reaching those who are most likely to become a customer. And the best part, we can still measure foot traffic to your stores and your competitors.

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