Geofencing Technology

If your business is looking to target specific customers at specific events or locations, then your company needs our Geofencing capabilities. Geofencing Marketing employs multiple variables to target your ideal customer, from their age, gender, income, personal tastes, and location, right down to a specific city block, rather than just targeting a region or zip code. We have the capability to draw a virtual fence around any location, be it a building, the local mall, your competitor, even a specific street corner.

With our Geofencing Technology, a virtual Geofence is traced around an specific event or location within a scheduled timeframe where you can build a new customer base or audience, based on their interests and other qualifying variables. When people enter the geofenced location during the set timeframe, we can capture their IP addresses on their devices, and they can later be targeted with ads which will follow them on the Internet wherever they go for up to 30 days following.

Do you have a list of customers or business addresses? Addressable Geofencing can be used to target specific households or businesses. Unlike direct mail or email blasts, we can improve the frequency and extend the reach of your ads by being this specific. Through our Conversion Zone Tracking system, we can even measure the foot traffic to your physical location. Addressable Geofencing makes all household and business address targeting efforts more effective.

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