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OTT / CTV Advertising

OTT, or Over-the-Top, is video content that is streamed over the Internet and bypasses the traditional linear broadcast and cable boxes on Smart TVs. CTV, or Connected TV, is the mobile device by which you access the video content. Content is streamed to an Internet-connected app on a mobile phone, tablet, or similar device.

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Social Media

Most people practically live on Social Media. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and new platforms are arriving every day. Today’s consumers choose to engage with a Social Media campaign when deciding which product or service to buy. Keep your client’s eyes on your Social Media account with powerful platform-specific content.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising in the form of banners served over the many programmatic platforms available can alert your potential customers as to special deals or services you may be offering within either a targeted area, a specific timeframe, or both. These ads may be linked back to your website when clicked on and serve to make the consumer aware of your location, services, and availability.


Today there are an incredible amount of people being sent to websites when searching for specific items or services. The Digonary Strategy is to make sure anyone who touches your website, regardless of what page they go to, will be followed via their IP address with targeted ads that will remind and reinforce the potential buyer of where they’ve been.


OTT / Streaming Audio

Over-the-Top advertising also refers to Streaming Audio. Subscription services such as Pandora and Spotify were created to give consumers an option of choosing a platform where they can program their own playlists. Many radio stations have also gone online in order to compete with these services. Streaming Audio allows you to reach those individuals who have abandoned Terrestrial Radio in order to personalize their content.

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