Social Media Advertising

Products like Facebook / Instagram can provide a new level of granular targeting. Taking advantage of social advertising may provide the hyper-local targeting your organization is seeking.

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Facebook Advertising Capabilities

Facebook / Instagram have over 18 Billion Users who spend on average 1-2 hours a day on their platforms. And the granular nature of their user data allows our agency to target segments and create untapped audiences that are likely to be your customer base.  Some of the targeting abilities available are:

  • Age, Sex (Male, Female, Transgender)
  • Zip Code, City, State
  • Industry / Title
  • Income
  • Interests, Behaviors

We can even create a lookalike audience of existing website visitors, previous purchases, or leads that have become clients of yours.

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Facebook provides 1,500 filters that allow for granular reach and brand awareness campaigns so you are speaking to those people that matter the most to your advertising campaign.

But Digonary is no ordinary digital agency.  We have access to proprietary technologies that allow us to go beyond those 1,500 filters including:

    • Targeting people who checked into certain locations
    • Matching to physical addresses of CRM lists (We achieve 50% – 80% match rates)
    • People who engaged with particular Facebook pages (liked)
    • Targeting people who engaged with content centered around particular keywords
    • Directly message those individuals in addition to the Ads served to them

LinkedIn Excels at B2B & B2C Lead Generation

We utilize LinkedIn’s Ad Platform for many B2B enterprises that need to connect with audiences that share more about their Job Titles and the companies they work for than simply their interests. With LinkedIn we have many options to choose from:

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  • Company
  • Industry
  • Seniority
  • Job Title
  • Age
  • Education
  • Ethnicity

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After combining the power of LinkedIn with the power of Facebook Advertising, the possibilities of reaching your target audience is endless.

Paid Social Media Advertising Process

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Business Objectives

We want to get what your true business objectives are. Here we begin to develop KPIs for the campaigns we are running.

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Message/Ad Development

What will you say when you show up? That is the most important question for any kind of advertising. We help refine your message into effective ads.

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Social Campaign Build

From demographic targeting, geographic, and behavioral targeting to campaign objectives, we will build a granular campaign to reach your target audience.

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After the campaign has run for 1-2 weeks, our optimization process begins: split testing ads, changing target parameters, and checking CPA goals.

The CPA goal is an automatic optimization of SmartCPM campaigns performed according to the required price per conversion. An advertiser sets the desired price per conversion, and the system automatically adjusts the bid, while indicating how each zone is performing.



Now we pull all our advertising into a clean reporting system that you can easily review and dissect. Our granular campaign performances can be easily viewed on our Analytics Dashboard. At a glance the advertiser can see:

  • Timeframe of Campaign
  • Impressions served by Ad Type
  • Click-Throughs where appropriate
  • Conversions where measurable
  • Percentage of Ads Viewed / Heard
  • CPM / CPA