OTT / Streaming Audio

With more and more consumers tuning into the Internet every day, a number of new users who have not previously been tuning into OTT / Streaming Audio Apps have begun to use these services. There has been a growth spurt of up to 50% of listeners in the 18-24 age group, and a 30% growth in the 25-34 age group, as more people are working from home and studying online. The OTT / Streaming Apps have become an alternative entertainment option as they work.

Today the Internet is everyone’s go-to place for news, research, and entertainment. And while working, it may be preferable to listen to entertainment rather than watch videos. Many radio stations have gone online and there are more than a few subscriber services that will allow a person to pick and choose what they listen such as Pandora or Spotify.

So, what can this mean to the modern advertiser? That they can produce less expensive audio spots and place them on these streaming services much like the video OTT / CTV spots but at a significantly lesser cost.

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