Digital Advertising Strategy

Digonary is prepared to work with our clientele, hand-in-hand, to present you with the most advantageous, comprehensible marketing plan for you to get the most Bang for Your Buck!

We work with you to determine where your ads are seen, by whom, and when. We can use any existing ads you may have, be it video or display, and place them on the selected platforms. We can also create new video and/or display ads to your specifications.

We are a Do-It-All Company!

Digonary will develop a digital advertising strategy that fits a retailer’s business based on seasons of the year campaigns that are given specific time periods and general branding ads where applicable.

We create a graphic campaign around the client. If the client is a franchise, we can incorporate the programs that the franchise’s corporate office or manufacturer wants them to advertise along with the general branding of their individual franchise company.

Digonary Pricing Sheet

collaboration graphic

Think of it like this:

You can serve an ad, or anything you want to say, within two days to thousands of potential buyers. It’s like owning your own newspaper or better yet, having thousands of potential buyers in a giant stadium and you have a microphone.

So, what would you say to them?

You may know exactly what your message is that you want to project to the world. Or you may only have a rough idea. We can help you with that. Our team of professionals have been in the marketing and advertising world for over twenty-five years! We have a team of strategists, writers, and artists to help you no matter where you are in your business plan. And once we have a campaign in place, we can fine-tune it with feedback from your customers and our analytics.